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 Puppies go home vet checked, first vaccinations, dewormings, probiotics, well socialized and loved, headed off to an excellent start in life. They will go home with their AKC papers, vitamin samples with code for discount to get more, sample of puppy food, travel water bowl, bandana, puppy collar, soft blanket, toy and poop bags with dispenser. We do out best to make the transition from our home to yours as smooth and fun as possible.

MyCode of Ethics:

These days there are lots of scams out there and I know first hand how scary and disappointing it can be to fall victim to one. It is a huge decision to bring a new puppy into your family and you want to do so with confidence that the breeder is honest and true. My code of ethics is to do my best for you and your puppy with God's help. You can expect honest communication and timely responses to your questions. This is a fun time for you and your family and my job is to make it as smooth and happy as possible, both for your family and for your puppy. To get to be a small part of your excitement in this new journey is an honor I don't take lightly. Enjoy this process. I am here to help however I can. 


Red Goldens ready in May 2024


Sonny, sire of the puppies


Duchess- amazing Mom


Duchess had puppies on April 5th and we expect them to be ready around May 30th. Parents are genetic tested and puppies will have been vet checked, had first vaccinations and current on de-wormings. We have spots available for males only. Puppies are chosen based on when deposits were made. They will have been socialized and had lots of love and care. Sonny is the sire of the puppies. All will be a beautiful shade of red.  Spots are filling up so it's advisable to get on our list as soon as possible. UPDATE: We have only three boys available in this litter. 

  Ruth will have puppies ready around eigth of June!



Ruth is a wonderful mother to her 8 puppies. They are growing every day and doing so well. There are spots still available for three boys.




Koko and Sammy have puppies born on May 3rd





In addition to raising beautiful dogs and puppies here at my farm with my children, I also work with another very sweet and caring family. This family loves their dogs and takes amazing care of them. I find good homes for their beautiful puppies and the terms you see for my puppies also apply to theirs. Everything is just about the same except location.


I am in constant contact with the owners and wholeheartedly have confidence in their practices and the way they raise their dogs.They have two young daughters and I have been very impressed with the atmosphere of their place. I feel this temperament rubs off on their dogs. They have two healthy litters of red golden retrievers. I have a few people so far who have made deposits. Contact me to learn how you can get on the list.


The deposit is $200 also and you can pay by clicking on the bone at the top of my page. Submit your application so I can learn more about the home the puppy will be going to. When you get a puppy either directly from me or with me through this family,  you can have confidence that you will be treated fairly and honestly and that the puppies will be getting excellent care.    


Congratulations on your new puppy. Bringing a puppy home is an incredibly exciting thing to look forward to. While you wait there is lots to do to get ready. You will want to be sure your puppy has everything he or she needs. You will want to be educated on the best way to train your puppy. Your puppy needs a lot of love and attention which will be a rewarding experience for both you you.

Make sure your puppy has a place he or she can call his own. This may be a puppy/ dog bed in a quiet corner of your house. Initially you will need a crate if you will be choosing the crate training method of house breaking. Some people choose to leave their puppy in a crate when they are not around to supervise. At first your puppy will not be too happy with the experience but will soon learn to be content. Just be sure to give him or her a cozy blanket, plenty of safe chew toys and anything else you want them to have for comfort while you are not able to be with them.

You can purchase puppy pads which are highly absorbent and helpful in housebreaking or on trips in the car when you puppy will be crated. It is not uncommon for a puppy to get car sick, so be prepared.

Your puppy will need a collar or harness. You will need to purchase a smaller adjustable size to begin with and later switch to a medium size. Have fun with it and use your personal style to make him or her  match your style. Get your new puppy a fun tag to wear with his or her name on. In the event your puppy may be lost, it’s a good idea to put your phone number on the tag.

You may choose a retractible leash or a regular nylon leash. There are so many colors and styles to choose from.

Just as diet is important for humans, so it is for your new puppy. There is a huge variety of different food to choose from depending on your budget. You will want to give your puppy the best you can. There are excellent dry foods and also wet canned foods available. You will need food and water bowls as well as training treats.

Your puppy will need a good dog shampoo as well as supplies for grooming. A towel and drying glove can be helpful. You may choose to use a professional groomer or tend to your puppy yourself. Either is fine. Choose a brush suited to his or her coat. You will need an ear cleaner and nail clippers. It is good to have a toothbrush for your puppy as well. The better care you give your new puppy, the happier he or she will be and the better quality of life will be enjoyed, by both your puppy and you.

Along with what you will need, here is what you need to avoid:






Macadamia nuts

Raw bread dough

Raw meat or eggs


Energy drinks

Cooked bones


Also make sure your puppy stays away from

Liquid chemicals and cleaners

House plants

Beauty products

Human and pet medications

Plastic bags and bubble wrap

Hot objects such as irons and coffee pots

Holiday decorations

Objects that can fit into a puppies mouth ( think human baby!)


Be sure to take lots of pictures. They grow so fast and you will want to remember those sweet puppy days. Remember, the most important thing a puppy needs is LOVE! Make sure to get out every day and exercise with your new puppy. You both will benefit and your bond will grow every day. 


As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ask any questions. We love to hear form you and welcome your comments, updates and pictures. 

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