Our Dogs


Birthday: January 30th 2021

Gideon of New Beginnings is a beautiful light colored well bred male. He is a fun and loving dog who loves attention and has a lot of energy. Check out his pedigree HERE on www.k9data.com


Birthday: August 3rd 2019

Seth is such a sweet guy. God has really blessed us with him. He loves to go for hikes in the woods. He has such a sweet disposition. He is smart and friendly and lovable. He has a gorgeous dark colored coat. When he was a little puppy he was very calm compared to most puppies. We are confident in he will father some wonderful puppies. Check  his pedigree out on k9data.com. His pedigree can be traced back to 1869!! Type in his full name : Seth of New Beginnings. 


Birthday:  March 24 2021

Johnsen's Koko of New Beginnings has a beautiful red coat. She has a fun personality and is wonderful with our children. Check out her pedigree on www.k9data.com HERE.


Birthday: June 8th 2016

Johnsen's Golden Heidi has a light colored coat. She is laid back and loves to hang around people and is great with children. She has been a wonderful mother to her puppies in the past and a joy to be around. She is gentle and loving. Check her pedigree raceable up to beyond 1869, out on k9data.com HERE.


Cierra is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. She is also very fun loving and wonderful with our children. She has an excellent pedigree and is well bred to make  perfect companion puppies. Her full name is Cierra of New Heights. Check out her pedigree (traceable beyond 1869 HERE on www.k9data.com


Sunshine Meadow Dickson is possibly my most beautiful dogs. She is very much true to the breed in appearance and comes from a long line that we are cherishing.   Check out her pedigree traceable up to beyond 1869, HERE www.k9data.com


Birthday: 29th July 2021


Birthday: April 12th 2022


Duchess of New Heights is a pretty and light colored special girl. She loves to play and run. Duchess and Abby are full sisters. Check out her full pedigree ( all the way back to 1869 )on www.k9data.com HERE.



Gracie of New Beginnings is our lightest colored dog. She has a very sweet and gentle, calm temperament. She is Heidi's daughter. Check out her pedigree , traceable up to beyond 1869 on www.k9data.com HERE.


Birthday: June 6th 2021

Abby of New Heights is a beautfiful light red golden retriever. She has a sweet and loving temperament and also loves to have fun. Abby and Duchess are sisters.Check out her pedigree ( all the way back to 1869) on www.k9data.com HERE.


Birthday: 2nd October 2021

Birthday: 2nd October 2021


Birthday: June 8th 2016

Emily and  Heidi are sisters.

She is a fun loving girl, full of energy.  She loves to play fetch. She loves attention and listens well.  She loves people and other dogs. She is our alpha female. Her coat is thick and light colored. She has a great bloodline. Check out her pedigree on k9data.com. See Johnsen's Golden Emily. Her pedigree can be traced back to 1869!!

Johnsens Golden Emily Laying

Birthday: January 30th 2022



Millie of New Heights is a gorgeous red coated golden who has a very precious personality. Great with kids and a much loved girl.  I have traced her back to 1869! Check out her pedigree on www.k9data.com by clicking HERE.