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How We Began

about us

Our family has been raising golden retrievers for 17 years.  It's a lot of fun and something we can do as a family.  

When I was a child I really wanted a dog. When I was really little my brother and I poured our hearts into a project that we hoped would change the minds of our parents. We wrote on white pieces of paper, "We want a dog." Then we wrote the word, "dog" many many times and cut up the words into many many pieces of paper and placed them carefully on the bottom of my mom's bed. All my pleadings didn't get me my wish. 

I remember another time my family and I were by a peaceful lake with  a few docked boats. There was a man there playing fetch with his dog. I wanted that experience for my very own.

Now I have my own family, I'm happy to have my wish of having a dog. Not only do we have one, but several and enjoy breeding them and raising their puppies. I've long admired the Golden Retriever breed. A true dog, no offense to other breeds! We have only ever owned Golden Retrievers. I've looked at other breeds but realize the amazing qualities in the Golden. They are gentle and loving and loyal. Our children spend countless hours playing with our dogs and puppies. 

We pride ourselves on having only quality well bred Goldens. They have excellent pedigrees with multi championships in their lines. They can all be found on You can research their lines for many generations on that site. I have been able to trace their lines as far back as 1869!!


Bringing a new puppy into your home is a huge commitment. You may have had dogs all your life or this may be your very first time. Either way, you will have questions. I want you to feel free to ask any questions.  I try to reply promptly. Be aware though, that from Friday evening until Saturday evening I will be unavailable each week. I will get back to you as soon as I can after those hours.  

May God Bless you. 

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