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Of New Beginnings


Our family has been raising golden retrievers for 18 years. It's a lot of fun and something we can do as a family.


When I was a child I really wanted a dog. All my pleadings didn't get me my wish. 

Now I have my own family, I'm happy to have my wish of having a dog. Not only do we have one, but several and enjoy breeding them and raising their puppies. I've long admired the golden retriever breed. A true dog, no offense to other breeds!


our golden Retrievers


johnsen family goldens health guarantee

Gray Paw Print in Purple Stamp

We know you will enjoy your new puppy and find him or her to be in optimal heath.  However, if your vet is to find a problem with your puppy's heart, hips or eyes within the first year, you will have the following options:

1.)  You may pick out a new puppy, providing we have one available.


2.) Return your puppy and get a full refund


3.) We will pay your vet bills up to the cost of your puppy.

If you have any questions about the care of your puppy, please feel free to call us anytime.


Elizabeth Johnsen

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